Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Relay For Life

Come out and join the HP Key Club team at this year's Relay for Life.  Make a difference and join the community in the fight against cancer. 

Date: May 19th-20th
Time: 4PM Saturday - Sunday Morning
Bring: Warm clothes, comfortable sneakers, snacks

How to signup
1. Go to  http://www.relayforlife.org/?gclid=CO3G9Mnvwa8CFYRM4AodOhhLbA
2. In the purple box that says "Sign up or Donate", type in "Newton, NJ" and click "find event"
3. Click on the event that shows up
4. On the right side of the page, click "Sign Up"
5.  Click "Join a Team"
6. Type in the box, "HP Key Club" and search.
7.  Click "Join" next to our name
8. Fill in or click all things that apply then go to "Next Step"
9. If you are a New Participant, click that and follow the steps
10. And just keep going.....filling out info... pretty self explanitory :)
11. Once you get there, click on "Complete Registration"
12. Fill out billing information if you chose to pay by credit card
13. Click "Process", and you are registered!

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