Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Relay for Life Yardsale

Date: May 26th and 27th
Time: Saturday: 9AM-4PM     Sunday: 11AM- 3PM

In a continued effort to give all we can to Relay for Life, this year High Point's Key Club will be holding its first yardsale.  Proceeds from this event will help further our contribution to Relay for Life, which accepts donations even after the event.  Planning for the sale has already been worked out, but now for the most important part, WE NEED YOU!!! 

So what can you do?  Well, first we need items for the yard sale (But remember NO CLOTHES OR SHOES.)  Donation will be accepted the week of May 21st up until Friday the 25th.  A bin will be placed in the main hallway of the school if you wish to drop off items there, or if it is more convient they can be dropped off directly at Crystal's house where the items will be stored.  (NOTE: do not randomly show up at your VPs home, a heads up to coordinate a drop off is of the upmost importance)  Being that this is where the items will be stored, pricing of items will occur there on May 25th and volunteers would be much appreciated.

 As for the actual sale, it will occur on Saturday and Sunday from 9-4 and 11-3 respectively.  Signups for setup, cleanup, and sale shifts will be occuring at the upcoming meetings, and it would be great if everyone could pitch in.  We understand that some people may be busy during the long weekend, but any form of help is always appreciated.  In addition to the yard sale, a bake sale will be occuring to raise funds for Key Club itself, and if everyone could bake at least one item it is sure to be an easy success. 

So there it is, just about everything there is to a yardsale.  We hope you can come out and lend your support; through donations, organizing, or running the sale itself.  This is sure to be a great success if we all work together, so let's all get started and make a difference.

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  1. A tremendous thank you to everyone who helped out with the Memorial Day Weekend yard sale. Thanks to your time, donations, and hard work this event was a fantastic success. The counts are in, and over the course of the weekend Key Club raised a whopping $246.86 for the American Cancer Society, money that will truly make a difference. Additionally, proceeds from the bake sale, directly benefitting Key Club, totaled $88.01. Thanks to everyone for all your hard work and service, we look forward to building on this success in the future.