Monday, November 26, 2012

Eliminate Week

Next week, December 3rd through December 7th, High Point Key Club hopes that you will join us in support of the Eliminate Project.  Monday marks the start of Eliminate Week, an opportunity to raise awareness for the fight against neonatal tetanus throughout our world.  First we need to inform you, so here is the schedule.

Monday: Blue Ribbon Day- See one of the officers Monday morning to pick up a ribbon and remember to spread the word.

Tuesday: Baby Day- Yesterday it was ribbons, today it's baby dolls.  Sure, not too many people carry around baby dolls after 2nd grade, but soon enough the questions will be coming and you can spread the word about Eliminate.  Pick up your baby from Crystal that morning.

Wednesday: Wear Blue Day- Blue shirts, blue pants, blue socks, blue everything.  The bluer you are the better

Thursday: 1 Every 9- One baby dies every nine minutes of neonatal tetanus. Write it on your arms, on your books, on a t-shirt.  Spread the word.

Friday: Blue Ribbon Day 2- Finish the week off with blue ribbons, and volunteer to collect money for the Eliminate Project in lunches.

If you have any questions about the schedule contact one of the officers or post on this page or the Facebook page.  Also don't forget to buy an Eliminate bracelet from Mrs. Cerutti for $2 to show your support. Now you know, so start spreading the word and help Eliminate neonatal tetanus.

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